Corona Virus & devices

Did you know that Corona Virus could live on your phone for nine days? Learning how to clean your phone properly is incredibly important, especially right now as the novel COVID-19, continues to spread. Washing your hands is a crucial step and the first item on our coronavirus tips checklist, but it won’t be enough — you’ll need to keep your phone clean as well, here’s how; 1. Power down the phone and remove any case or attachments. 2. In a container, make a warm solution of water and soap. 3. Wet a cloth with the solution (but don’t soak it) and wipe down the phone, avoiding ports and other openings. 4. Use dry cotton swabs around camera lenses, ports and other openings. If necessary, blow air with your mouth to dislodge dust and other particles. Never use compressed air (more on that below). 5. Allow the phone to dry completely before inserting it back into a case or plugging in any attachments.

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